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The only poor "every___" combination not recognized by spellcheck used to indicate consistency with time; basically the only one of every's bastard children (everywhere, everyone, everyplace, everything, etc) that Webster decided to kick out on its ass.
Everytime damn I type "everytime" in Word, it tells me I've misspelled it, stupid program.
by Karamaru March 18, 2009
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1. A combination of the words "every" and "time", used to implicate the consistency of something occuring each time the situation shows up. Thus, "everytime".

2. The infinite "now"; "Ever" y (and) "time"- eternal time.
1. Gimpel forms a different opinion everytime someone tells him something.

2. Vamlumtimes is everytime; everytime something good happens, something bad has to happen.
by onlyevier June 19, 2008
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