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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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Nickname for a five round, bolt action rifle made at Springfield Armory also known as an '03 (named so because of the model year of the rifle, the Model 1903 Springfield Rifle). Fired .30 caliber rounds. Was the main weapon for infantry during World War I. Usage of the rifle continued into early World War II, until it was completely replaced by the semi automatic, eight round M1 Garand. Afterwards, the Springfield mainly saw usage as a markman's rifle in the U.S Armed Forces and served as the standard American sniper rifle during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.
U.S Ranger Sharpshooter Private Jackson (played by Barry Pepper) famously uses a 1903A4 Springfield sniper rifle in combat in Steven Spielburg's World War II drama, Saving Private Ryan.
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1. The town the Simpsons live in
2. One of 5 trillion towns in states across the U.S.
1. I wish I could live in Springfield and meet the Simpsons.
2. Why the fuck are there so many Springfields?!
by Carrie Moner July 14, 2013
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A city in western Massachusetts, pop. 160,000. Home of:

- Basketball

- Volleyball (invented in Holyoke, a Springfield suburb)

- Dr. Seuss

- Indian Motorcycles

- The Springfield Armory (stocked the US military with rifles since before the US Civil War up until 1967, when it was converted to a vocational/technical community college).

- The Springfield Indians AHL hockey team, whose claim to fame was that Snoop Dogg wore their jersey at the end of the Gin and Juice video (or "What's My Name?", I can't remember).

- And presumably more stuff that I can't think of right now.

Lots of Puerto Ricans live there now.
"Of all the cities that I have ever had the opportunity to spend time in, Springfield is definitely one of them."
-Learned wise man.
by 5th Column February 28, 2004
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Hick town smack-dab in the middle of Midwestern Ohio. Home of John Legend, Wittenberg University and Schulers Donuts. Lots and lots of suburbs and farmland.
Springfield's okay, but I can't wait to get the hell out!
by Greta Salpeter August 03, 2009
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a big-ass town in western mass that is pretty much a shithole. i've spent time there, and both my parents grew up there. it's number 18 on the list of most dangerous US cities.
one time i was in springfield and i shit you not, witnessed someone set a car on fire with a tiki-torch.
by broseph April 10, 2005
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