Having a texture other than smooth
You could let your nail stay textured or apply the glossy top coat 🌮
by Amber (holosexual) August 10, 2017
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The idea that only black women with hair that is loose or has well-defined curls (3A, 3B, and 3C hair) are beautiful.
“Because of texturism in the media, it’s rare to see women with coily hair presented as beautiful to the public.”
by •Miya_is_the_name• September 7, 2021
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The outer surface of the vagina (folds, flaps, etc.), only noticeable when one is wearing tight fitting clothing.
When you wear that spandex to practice, I can see your texture!!
by Apple Jones February 19, 2006
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e slayer
elo farmer and extractor
owns very spicy memes xD
screenshots y3 sweats to look good on twitter.com
i hate textural he farms elo
by proelofarmer2017 May 9, 2017
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1. The exposition of a given subject delivered elaborately via text message as for the purpose of instruction or discipline.
2. To deliver a lecture to someone, via text.

v.intr. To deliver a lecture via text or a series of lectures through text messaging.

v. tex·tured, tex·tur·ing, tex·tures
Why do you insist on texturing me about peer pressure everytime I go to a party!?

If everything is ok then why are you texturing me?
by TYLERMAN22 November 10, 2010
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