Lucinda is a girl that is very sweet and a lot to handle. She is nice when you are nice to her but when you are rude she will ruin you. She is very smart, beautiful, kind and gracious. You would be lucky to have a Lucinda as a friend - she will ALWAYS stand up for you.
Have you seen that Lucinda girl? OMG don’t mess with her!!
by Lucinda_Rocky11 April 14, 2019
A beautiful, smart, funny, slightly strange girl... When you have found a real Lucinda you won't want to let her go! She is easy to fall in love with.
Wow, that Lucinda, she is a keeper! The perfect combination of personality traits and looks!
by Rosa Belle November 28, 2012
A beautiful and kind lady, Lucinda looks and acts natural all the time. She is the very definition of perfection and balance, as she is unique in a good way, mischievous and caring at the same time. If a Lucinda asks you out, try to avoid refusing her.
A: Lucinda asked me out and I said no.
B: You jerk!
by ChickenLui December 7, 2018
A Lucinda is a very segsy lady, nobody it as segsy as her.
Wow, Lucinda is so segsy.
by Mr Dãrling August 16, 2020
A noisy women who likes to look through photos on your phones and loves to have an opinion on your life # a real mom
Wow what a Lucinda she must be a mom or something
by The name guru 75 December 18, 2019