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A beautiful, smart, funny, slightly strange girl... When you have found a real Lucinda you won't want to let her go! She is easy to fall in love with.
Wow, that Lucinda, she is a keeper! The perfect combination of personality traits and looks!
by Rosa Belle November 27, 2012
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slang used to describe a girl/woman with the winning combination of an exceptionally beautiful face and/or body and a killer personality. emerged in the late C20 with the birth of the original "lucinda".
"she was a real lucinda"
"she's not perfect but i suppose she'll do for now until i find a lucinda"
by Ahmed Bing June 23, 2007
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A short slytherin who is burdened with too much responsibility. Would trade siblings for quality sushi. Don’t make fun of her for being blind, her glasses are very fashionable. Shares similarities with your favourite grandmother/ old aunt.
1: Can I have your dog in exchange for my sister?
2: Oh my god you’re such a Lucinda
by spectacles02 June 18, 2018
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