Burnout - a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands.
medical school has caused me so much stress, i feel like a burnout”
by mary-mei December 24, 2020
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the dude in high school who used to smoke way too much pot and eat way too much Taco Bell
And now they call him Governor!
by Paul Thundergod April 22, 2004
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1) Smoking the tires of one's car; either to heat up the tires for added stickiness, or to impress the MILFs at the DQ in your swanky suburb.

2) They guy you used to see stoned and tripping in high school, every day, that 10 years later is sitting in his parent's basement playing Final Fantasy, every day.
1) I did such a smoky burnout in the Galaxie, I completely lost sight of that Ricer sitting behind me!

2) Dude, I'm too stoned to work. Mom, can you make me a sandwich?
by DoctorThrottle April 29, 2004
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#1: Reduction of a fuel/substance to nothing through use or combustion.
#2: Physical or mental collapse caused by overwork/stress.
#3: Drug abuser or dropout
#4: Failure of a item through overheating.

#1: Spinning rear wheel/wheels of a motorized vehicle and in that way creating a thick smoke from the wheel-rubber.
#1: "Watch this huge carbon burnout."
#2: "A lot of stress may result in burnout."
#3: "My friend is a trashed burnout."
#4: "A mechanism prevents engine burnout."

#1: "Lets go out and make some burnouts and wheelies with your bike."
by Vojtech Sedlak June 20, 2007
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what happens after you smoke weed, you become very tired and dont feel like doing anything besides melting into the couch and eating chips.
after that sesh yesterday i was in burnout for like 3 hours, then i fell asleep.
by diseased sheep May 13, 2006
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the act of burning rubber in a vehichle while it it stationary or moving slowly. fun to do,and is one of the safest ways to have fun in a car, cops hate it 'cos of the nuisance value and just to pick on young drivers.
by A5H October 10, 2003
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one who has smoked too much weed and became a bum who can no longer think and make wise choices. making conversation with a burnout is difficult because they fried most of their brain cells.
ur such a burnout, pat!
by g dogg December 16, 2003
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