a dude sticks the tip of his dick in a chicks vagital. then pulls out in fear of premature without a rubber
by Googlenig January 05, 2009
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to be really tired.
knocked out.
ready to crash.
im tipped cuh.
by booze101 July 10, 2008
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When two men accidentally touch dicks in a non-sexual way.
Steve: *tries to squeeze through the crowd
Al: *walks towards Steve
Steve and Al: *touch dicks on their way through
Steve: Ah, shit. We just went tip-to-tip
by Donkey AIDS December 09, 2019
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To walk up to someone's table that has a tip on it and slap your penis onto the money claiming it as yours.
I am cruising Applebees running Tip for Tips...
by Bdigital March 01, 2012
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when you have reached the highest point of tipsiness.
"no more drinks for me, i'm already on that tip tip"
by 2cm August 18, 2008
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