When two men accidentally touch dicks in a non-sexual way.
Steve: *tries to squeeze through the crowd
Al: *walks towards Steve
Steve and Al: *touch dicks on their way through
Steve: Ah, shit. We just went tip-to-tip
by Donkey AIDS December 10, 2019
To walk up to someone's table that has a tip on it and slap your penis onto the money claiming it as yours.
I am cruising Applebees running Tip for Tips...
by Bdigital March 1, 2012
The results of two males, standing face to face, and their helmets or heads touch. This action can be on purpose or by mental error.
While showering in the school lockerroom. Miguel turned quickly and we touched. He was tip to tip with me.
by Bertothegreat February 3, 2006
Tip on tip is when you put your tip in another man's tip and it's tip on tip.
Penalty! Where is the referee?
It's helmet to helmet, tip on tip.
by Kiat January 6, 2006
when you have reached the highest point of tipsiness.
"no more drinks for me, i'm already on that tip tip"
by 2cm August 19, 2008
Struggling so hard to remember something or get something out of reach that even your fingers grow tips of fingers to remember.
What’s the name of that thing we had last night, it’s at the tip of my finger tips!
by INCYCShow March 6, 2022