See: Touch Base (usually in business, to talk to someone in order to find out how they are or what they think about something)
Hey, I'm just calling to see if you'd like to grab lunch before the meeting and touch dicks about what kind of approach we're going to take with our new offer so I can make sure our balls are in the same court.
by Shitlord July 24, 2010
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An unisex term that is used when something really turns you on. Makes a male's penis jump and a female's pussy tingle and jingle.
Chocolate covered nipples!! Ohh my gawd!! That was a touch dick moment.
by Malistglrfan March 3, 2014
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!. It's when you touch the tip of your penis to another man's penis tip
2. Gay men love that shit.
3. Sometimes straight men do it as well in an attempt to send telepathic thoughts to each other through their penises.
I have secret mike that I need to tell you. Sshhh Don't say it aloud. Are you mad?? Let's go in the bathroom so we can touch dicks at the tips. Okay, bro. Your secret is safe with me.
by Gay4Ghosts July 2, 2018
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September 16 all the girls can go around and touch a boy dick but only for less than 5 seconds
“Bro kylie just touched my dick!”
“Yea because it’s national touch dick day
by cybercat1346 September 15, 2021
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When two men rub their penises togther, the first of the two males to get a boner loses. Its a legit game, a mans game! -Jhop
by Jason Hopkins February 12, 2007
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Dick Touch - When a man uses the bathroom but doesn't wash their hands after they have touched their dick, then touch many other things. Everything that they touch after now has "Dick Touch" transferred to it. Everything they touch, now has dick touch on it. The world has dick touch everywhere.
A man used the rest stop bathroom but refused to turn on the water to wash his hands after urinating. The man had concerns about turning the sinks faucet handles to wash his hands because the handles would definitely be covered in many other mens dick touch.
by CaptainFamous June 2, 2019
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A term used when you think someone is fucking with you, or if you feel people are spinning there wheels getting nothing done. kind of like," ok, your touching my dick, and i'm touching your dick " nothing is happening when a person is trying to make it look like there is.
Man: instead of standing here playing double dick touch, can you get the manager so we can settle this.
Home depot clerk: Yes sir.

Tom: discussing this with you is like playing "double dick touch" nothing is getting acomplished here.

by Jack de wack June 12, 2008
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