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To be asleep.
Yo last night was fucking crazy. Soon as I got home I was tired as fuck. Was knocked out in like 5 minutes.
by Jonny McScrub September 20, 2010
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When someone uses the pull-out method for birth control and ends up getting pregnant.
Brittany said she was going to get her tubes tied, so she wouldn't get knocked-out again
by Hacey L. May 01, 2007
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When a person loses conciuessness ( yes i cant spell that)
Due to a accident such as being run over by a car, Hit with a metal pipe, Getting in a fight with someone who would other wise have killed you had your girlfriend not stepped in.
mitchell:" and stay down sucka!"
Your girlfriend:"please stop!
mitchell:"fine.. You got lucky today fool! Remember who knocked out you!'
by koliunaojfhakf July 01, 2006
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