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another word for duh. when someone says something idiotic, and you want to say "duh" in a much more sophisticated way, you should say "derr"
-is your mom hot?
- derr.
by Anonymous January 29, 2003
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pronounced: Duhr, or durr. a "derr" is a person with special needs, or a person who is acting idiotic.
by Justin Martin November 05, 2006
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A word used to infer the unintelligence of an individual, item or anything else when mocking them
derr I'm kate perry, i think that i have a massive bust
derr I'm legal system, I give criminals rights
by tehleetx0r August 17, 2009
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a stupid or weird and socially awkward person

stupid dumb weirdo socially awkward creeper
Alex is so pretty and popular, but that Lisa is just a Derr
by vannyzane October 07, 2011
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1/ A sound generally attributed to those with mental afflictions making more articulate use of oral communication impossible.

2/ A sound used to mock said people.
2/ "Derr, look at me! I'm stupid!"
by KNfLrPnKNsT October 23, 2005
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