How the entire world (except the Americans) say aluminium.


Because that's how it's spelled.
Brit: "Aluminium is the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust."
American: "You mean Aluminum?"
Brit: "No, I mean Aluminium. Moron."
by lord bastard February 22, 2008
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ifjsif fisdifif f siufsdifj
by reno April 20, 2005
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A fictional metal invented by the British government to keep the rest of the world submissive.
Ted: I just made an aluminium hat! Trust me, I’m safe from the government

Tom: Did you say... aluminium?
Ted: Yeah, what’s the big deal?
Tom: Aluminium is how they control you. Use aluminum instead.
by Kaichael June 21, 2018
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A young gold digger, coined by GloZell on
Dude 1: You don't want her she's a gold digger
Dude 2: She'd too young to be a gold digger, more like aluminium digger
by Jarvis <3 January 18, 2011
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Either the act or the sensation of intravenous cocaine use, due to the metallic rushing sound you hear when the drug crosses the blood-brain barrier. The ultimate rush accompanied by the ultimate tinnitus.
i shot too much llello last nite & all i could hear was the damn aluminium train.
by Fruitbat December 14, 2008
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A metal bands that doesn't go as hard
guy1: Did you listen to the latest Ghost song

guy2: no I don't listen to aluminium bands
by A friendly goose October 20, 2021
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Aluminum chloride is the partially neutralized form used in cosmetic antiperspirants, while aluminum chloride hexahydrate is among the most effective antiperspirants currently available. It's chemical formula is AlCl3 and has a solid, white or pale yellow appearance.
Patient: "Doctor, can you diagnose me with Aluminium Chloride Hexahydrate?"
Doctor: "Bruh if u take that it will kill you."
Patient: "Oh."
by Vexacon June 16, 2021
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