A word commonly used by the Afrikaans Cape Coloured community of Cape Town. It is slang for the Afrikaans word "teef", which translated means bitch. It is, however, often used by the Cape Coloured community (both English and Afrikaans) to describe someone who has been elevated to a status even worse than a regular bitch.
That tief again tried to take my boyfriend away from me.

She was a bitch before but now she's a real tief.
by Hoermeid December 14, 2016
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To steal somthing. Usually used in the past or future tense
yo guy, somebody tief'd my weed
by chocolate bear March 22, 2004
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(noun) thief, mugger, robber (always a black person)
(verb) to go out stealing
Man, we was out tiefin' when de fuzz done catch us.
by Edna Sweetlove November 5, 2006
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a chump or someone of chump-like nature...see alsp 'RTG'.
Tief is a chump. RTG chumped me out of my green. He is surly a chump for doing so.
by Goober St. Shutup March 12, 2005
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When someone takes/steals something from you with or without your knowledge
Guy 1: "Yo has anyone seen my beer that I left on this table?"
Guy 2: "Yeah I just saw it, I think that guy right their just tiefed it from you"
by Max St. John October 16, 2007
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When something happens and instead of saying tuff or tough you say Tief
“That dude got hit in the face by a sweet potato.”

“That’s tief.”
by MoldyOrc October 14, 2018
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A fictional virus from the visual novel Ever17 ~the out of infinity~, in which the infected spewed blood from all sorts of orifices. Can be used as a replacement for "AIDS".
Get Tief Blau and die, fag.
by katie welch December 27, 2007
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