A Japanese novel read as an game-like application on a computer. A term to distinguish itself from a "Game" because there is usually no gameplay involved, and the only interaction that the player can make with the game is making certain choices at specific points in the game that decides which branch of the storyline that the player will take.
Also distinguishes itself from an "eroge" or "hentai game" in that sex is usually the main appeal of a hentai game, but plot and story is the main appeal of a visual novel.
Anime-styled drawing most of the time. Some may contain sex scenes, and some are emotionally charged stories targeted at older audiences with a lot of plot and depth. The pros are that it usually comes with pictures, sounds effects, music and voices which gives one a richer experience than reading a plain novel. The cons are that it requires a lot of clicking of the mouse to scroll through the novel text.
Two visual novels, Kanon and Air won the best PC game of the year 1999 and 2001 respectively in Japan.
by gct February 7, 2006
which many anime like characters are drawn and play a role in a book-like form and most of the time are filled with erotic, softcore hentia scenes and drama. It is played on a PC and is sometimes thought as a video game.
An example would be Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two,Critical Point and Discipline: The Record of the Crusade. These are three examples of an adult visual novel.
by Di$asterphase3 May 19, 2012
Fucked-up visual novel by Clockup. Clockup makes a lot of fucked up torture porn visual novels, but this one is the most well-known and infamous. It also has an anime adaptation, though with less emphasis on the plot and more emphasis on the rape scenes.

The protagonist (if we can call him that) wakes up in a white room with six other women, with almost no means of escape except for one. He plays the role as the "key", while the other women are the "keyholes." In order to escape, he must rape each of the girls in a specific way. Refusal to play the game leads to death via electric chair (it's not pretty, trust us).

This game is NOT for the faint of heart or those with a weak stomach. Lots of rape, lots of scat, and one of the characters looks like a prepubescent kid. It's as fucked up as you can get.
Person A: I only watch REAL anime. My favorite is Euphoria (visual novel).
Person B: You mean the fucked up hentai with all the rape and literal shit?
Person A: Yes.
Person B: You need to get your head checked.
by kanarail May 20, 2019