The mother city, where its at. From the ANC to the MCQP, from Telkom to Eskom (and all the other service providers that have let us down). Cape Town was one of the, if not the, first colonial cities in South Africa. It grosses millions worth of tourism profits and has a rich environment, history and culture. The city's current mayor is DA politician Helen Zille. All Cape Townians are in a battle to the death to prove that Joburgers are the worse drivers of the two.
Joburger: You Cape Townians drive like Ray Charles having a seizure
Cape Townian: At least we drive, unlike Joburgers who just point their cars and pray...
by Vegan Werewolf August 7, 2007
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A tourist mecca on the African continent and a major destination for especially European expatriates and immigrants, due to its sheer natural beauty, Mediterranean climate, good infrastructure, outdoor lifestyle, buzzing party scene and beautiful people. Home to over 3.5 million people of African, Asian and European descent, it is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. A hub for the creative industries and Information Technology companies, Cape Town is the most entrepeneurial city in South Africa. Although most Capetonians speak Afrikaans as their first language, almost everyone speaks English and there are many Xhosa speaking people as well. Known in Afrikaans as Kaapstad (pronounced kaahpstut) and iKapa (ee-kahpah) in Xhosa.
I'm moving to Cape Town.
by Kaaplander March 15, 2011
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Also known as The Mother City because it was the first colonized city in Southern Africa

The Best city in Africa, not sure about outside of Africa because I've never been.

The best place to party in South Africa.

Awesome culture amongst the locals, especially the coloured community(please do not get offended by the term 'coloured' because in South Africa it is actually a race and I for one am proud to be coloured)

Cape Town has the biggest mixed-race (coloured) community in the world... just don't go telling a coloured person they mixed-race cause then you giving them cause for beating you up, this however does not apply to all coloured people.

Cape Town is full of adventurous places to go and wonderful beaches and other beautiful scenery(this also includes the sexy Capetownians)

Cape Town is also famous for the wine route, because it is home to some of the biggest vineyards in the world, infact the Western Cape is home to the biggest vineyard in the world.

and last but not least Cape Town is home to some of the best people you could ever hope to party with, no joke!!!
Guy1 : If you wanna meet really beautiful women come to the J&B Met.

Guy2 : wheres that?

Guy1 : in Cape Town, dude its a hoe-asis and it only happens once a year.
by Cannybaby February 11, 2011
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The gayest city on the planet.

Cape Town has a higher population of homosexuals per capita than any other city in the world, including Amsterdam, Athens and San Francisco.
Don't turn your back on him. He's from Cape Town
by George McBob May 18, 2009
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A city at the southern tip of Africa, known to native locals (fully 48% of the population) as 'Keep Taahn' (Southern Suburbs) or 'Keijp Tahun' (Mitchell's Plain).
Known to most other residents as 'Le Cap', and 'Kapstadt'. There are other people living there, but they are inexplicably invisible to tourists, to the government, and to the other locals.

Site of the famous landmark, Table Mountain ('Teeble Maaaaaahntayn' and 'Tijbl Myeentin' respectively).
Ve are goink to Cape Town for ze Dezember holiday, to stay in our leetle haus betveen Kylie's und Nina's in Constantia. Maybe ve vill climb ze Table Mountain.
by Polly Glot December 8, 2010
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The University of Cape Town (aka UCT) is South Africa's and Africa's top ranking university. It's a multi-cultural research institution in the southern suburb of Rondebsch in Cape Town. It's home to some of the world's most beautiful views as its nestled against the slope of Table Mountain. It's girls are beautiful as well. It's way better their (main) rivals Stellenbosch university. Heck, UCT even got a double mention of the popular US TV sitcom Suits. Many American students do a semester abroad here.
Jack: The University of Cape Town definitely is the place to study in Africa!

Sean: For sure, man
by krugsie September 4, 2014
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