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The Killer in the 2009 horror movie the collector and it's sequel the collection 2012, He's a man who wears all black armed with knifes and wears a creepy mask and has very strange eyes, he goes into houses,buildings etc and rigs the place up with saw style traps, he's called the collector because he takes one victim ( alive) from every place he hits, he like to torture people and make sculptures from human body parts and bones. He also has a obsession with bugs and spiders.
The Collector is a horror film, Imagine home alone combined with saw.
by The Mask maker December 21, 2013
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An insane Shadow creature in the Team Cherry game "Hollow Knight". He is a tall 4 armed black sprite that likes to hop around, laugh and collect living creatures. He is participating fond of Grubs.

You can find him locked in the top of the tower of Love, Where he will begin jumping and tossing jars of enemies at you.
"The top of the Tower.. that where you'll find him. The Collector".
by n_u_m_l_o_k December 03, 2020
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