An artist who enjoys doing commisions on their customers, who both lives and hates their customers. An artist who wants to get paid making art. Or a degenerate who sells drugs and thinks tattooing will fame them for extra pussy if they have enough cocaine and give a discount on the tattoo.
Im really proud of my friend she is a tattoo artist.

Billy gets all the girls, he is a tattoo artist.
by Artfagsrhawt December 31, 2016
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The providential guardian of your new constant companion. This person uses a sterilized needle to permanently engrave symbols into their clients. They are the stability of the art world.

It's important to request work done by professionals, because without them, your tattoo's longevity and safety is at risk. With them, you can sit back, relax, and thereafter, carry art that gently repels burden and earthly stress. It's a reasonable totem, the lasting mark of a tattoo artist.

Many tattoo artists like to talk through your original design so that it looks well placed and is thoughtfully centered before they apply it for you. They are there to assist your dreams into coming true. They will help you feel happy about your decision, for the rest of your life.

Each tattoo artist you cross will have a different style, unless, you ask for flash art, which is when they will pull a stencil and then give you the same tattoo your grand dad had. Those pictures of designs which hang in frames around the traditional shops are displaying flash art. You still need the artist there, they, who understand epidermal tissue and have the training to make your experience accurate and effective.
I am happiest/most grateful when I think about my connection to ravens. Otherwise, I'm generally feeling down. I find myself seldom uplifted because my thoughts are as fleeting as the bird itself, so yesterday, I asked this neat tattoo artist to leave me with a permanent raven.
by GraffitiRabbit February 18, 2020
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