An expensive pieces of cardboard (normally £5/$8) that are cool for about 10 minutes until a new type of cards come out and then they will have thrown their cards away or left them for about a year and sold them on e-bay.
by hugh jaas April 9, 2005
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Such cards include card games, sports cards, and movie sponsor cards, but not standard playing cards. They are usually paper or cardboard based, and have a distinct lack of any electronic and/or external stimuli. This is likely the reason for the major lack of appeal.
Trading cards are so lame because they require my own input and energy to get any enjoyment from them.
Trading cards are so awesome because they require my own input and energy to get any enjoyment from them.
by Alvan June 19, 2007
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To lose your virginity to someone else who is a virgin, essentially trading each other's v-card.
I hope to someday trade cards with the person I really love. It would be more memorable that way.
by Peterson Mcbee August 3, 2005
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"PHYCO TRADING CARDS" are the creation/brainchild of Northern California artist, Robert Reed.

Reed, a self taught artist, is also known as Rob Reed and Robert The F Poet.

Tattooing professionally in Northern California from 1979 till 2008, Reed owned and operated "ALTERED IMAGES TATTOO STUDIO" in Guerneville and Petaluma, Calif.
He served his tattoo apprenticeship under Bert Rodriquez of "Bert's Santa Rosa Tattoo", Santa Rosa, Ca.
Also worked with J.D. of "J. and D. Tattoo" in Cotati, Ca.
In March of 2008, Reed started a self induced task of producing as much art work as he could draw in a 100 day period of time. The 100 day effort produced 247 different drawings. 100 of those drawings are what Reed calls "PHYCO TRADING CARDS SERIES #1" They are a 100 card collection of non sports collectable cards. All 100 cards are signed and numbered by the artist. Unfortunaetly, these and the bulk of the 100 day drawing spree, including nearly 160 earlier drawings were left at a residence in Spokane, Washington in Sept. of 2008 while Reed traveled to Santa Rosa, Ca.

Planning to return within a weeks time, Reed did not return to Spokane. Numerous attempts at recovering the "lost artwork" have, at the present time, not been fruitful.

Reed has began drawing the artwork for "PHYCO TRADING CARDS Series #2" in November of 2010.
Mary Benny: "Jack, where are the PHYCO Trading Cards".

Jack Benny: "<Screaming>She went out and squandered my money on "PHYCO Trading Cards."

Mary Benny again: "Did Grace see those PHYCO Trading Cards?"

Lenny Bruce: Of all the psycho stuff I've seen, "PHYCO Trading Cards are the cats meow."
by Robert the F. Poet February 13, 2011
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One of the many methods employed by unseen political forces to drain people of their funds.
by Lunatix April 23, 2004
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Collectable trading Cards for persons over the age of 18. What started off as a porn movie prop was developed for distribution in 2017. Due to Printing Issues Bang Bros cards were rarely available, Many have found their way onto Ebay selling for hundreds of dollars. . DMCA Takedown ordered to destroy some of the product, Bang bros continues to deny existence of cards.
"I collect Bang Bros Trading Cards"

"I want a Mia Khalifa X-Rated Rookie"
"I will Trade you a Stormy Daniels card and Alaska "
- Donald Trump
by sislovesme March 2, 2023
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