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an area in your cloest designated for pornography storage. Could contian socks.
Girl 1: Yesterday I went through my boyfriend's sock drawer and guess what I found?
Girl 2: Socks?
Girl 1: No you idiot, volumes of porn!
by xykorix March 03, 2007
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When two uncircumcised men put their penises next to one another, and one of them rolls their foreskin over the tip of the other man's unit.
Those two dudes did a sock drawer!
by rockamysoul April 28, 2013
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To take a credit card out of your wallet and stash it somewhere in the house. A sock drawer is a common place to use, hence the name. The idea is that by limiting your access to the card, you'll be less likely to use it and run up your balance.
I've saved hundreds of dollars ever since I sockdrawered my Visa card last year.
by Peter October 13, 2005
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