an area in your cloest designated for pornography storage. Could contian socks.
Girl 1: Yesterday I went through my boyfriend's sock drawer and guess what I found?
Girl 2: Socks?
Girl 1: No you idiot, volumes of porn!
by xykorix March 4, 2007
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When two uncircumcised men put their penises next to one another, and one of them rolls their foreskin over the tip of the other man's unit.
Those two dudes did a sock drawer!
by rockamysoul April 28, 2013
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The Drawer that holds your socks.
I placed my socks in the Sock Drawer.
by Salt Licky October 14, 2004
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A drawer containing numerous erotic sex toys such as dildos, anal beads, penis pumps, and lubricants. Though not necessary, recreational drugs are also common.
Dude, I went into my sister's room looking for some pot and I stumbled across her Polish sock-drawer. I can't believe her boyfriend needs a penis pump.

After we kicked my sister out of our mom's house we were packing her stuff and found her Polish sock-drawer.
by Rojo Cobertizo November 29, 2013
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A colloquial phrase used to refer to one's stash of condoms.
Sandy: I'm so wet Dan. I am ready. Put it to me right now.
Dan: Yea baby. Bend over for me while I rifle through Grandpa's Sock Drawer and sheath one up.
by Eaton Holgoode August 20, 2015
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A messy looking vagina, with flaps of skin hanging down around her knees
Bloody hell john , I whipped her panties off and went to have a rifle and she had such an untidy sock drawer, I daren’t let me digits anywhere near.
by Shuttlep January 17, 2008
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