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Hollow Knight is a metrovania that was made by Team Cherry
It has a beautiful world with pretty neat graphics.
The combat is also quite great even if it is simple.
There are not many NPCs in Hollow Knight, and those who are there don't have much character. What did you expect from a game where everyone is a bug, a void creature or God.

The level design is great and has stunningly beautiful scenery.
Lore of Hollow Knight is scarce all the way up until the very end of the game (and more is explained if you try to get the secret ending and secret real final boss).
Guy 1: I hate how every "hard" and "difficult" game is being called "the Dark Souls of -insert something here-!
Guy 2: Hollow Knight is The 2D Dark Souls without a stamina bar and a bit less difficulty
Guy 1: I... I agree with that one.
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by Some European twat. February 18, 2018
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