A cool game. A Metroidvania type of game created by Team Cherry and released in 2017. Since then, the game has got incredible reviews on Steam and has gotten many types of awards.
Hey dude I just played hollow knight it's awesome.
It’s not hard to get lost in the deep, subterranean world of Hollow Knight – and I mean that in more ways than one. The expansive catacombs of Hallownest have countless paths to explore and secrets to find. But more than that, it’s rich with lore, history, and purpose that drew me into a 2D Metroidvania kingdom I wanted to uncover every inch of.

by Turtledd February 23, 2020
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Hollow Knight is a metrovania that was made by Team Cherry
It has a beautiful world with pretty neat graphics.
The combat is also quite great even if it is simple.
There are not many NPCs in Hollow Knight, and those who are there don't have much character. What did you expect from a game where everyone is a bug, a void creature or God.

The level design is great and has stunningly beautiful scenery.
Lore of Hollow Knight is scarce all the way up until the very end of the game (and more is explained if you try to get the secret ending and secret real final boss).
Guy 1: I hate how every "hard" and "difficult" game is being called "the Dark Souls of -insert something here-!
Guy 2: Hollow Knight is The 2D Dark Souls without a stamina bar and a bit less difficulty
Guy 1: I... I agree with that one.
by Some European twat. February 18, 2018
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he deserves love he did nothing wrong,also known as pure vessel,wich is him but uninfected and with his right arm
Hollow Knight did nothing wrong
by kinekosogayhegay June 19, 2020
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The Hollow Knight is one of the final bosses in the Teach cherry game "Hollow Knight". He appears as a tall, skinny creature with a large, cracked, white mask.

The Hollow Knight is the son of the Pale King, and has been sacrificed to hold the moth god Radiance inside his head. He was created to be empty and leave nothing for the Radiance to corrupt, but it turns out that the love the Pale King showed him as a child turned into something that could be corrupted. He is now a vessel of spreading the Infection throughout Hallownest.
Memorial to the Hollow Knight

In the black vault far above.
Through his sacrifice Hallownest lasts eternal.
by n_u_m_l_o_k December 3, 2020
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Person 1: Hey are you excited for Hollow Knight: Silksong?
Person 2: Cmon man you know that’s just a myth right?
by its ya boi bug guy September 11, 2021
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A cool sequel to Hollow Knight that will never come out (at least not when you’re alive.)
Person 1: When is Hollow Knight Silksong release date being revealed?
Person 2: Never.
by moth. August 7, 2021
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An old wives tale. It will never exist, and those who say it does are dirty liars and should be crucified for their blasphemy.
The protagonist is coo tho and there is sadly r34s of her.

RIP hornet...
Guy A: Hey, y'know when is Hollow Knight: Silksong gonna release?
Guy B: Never. Its fake.
*Guy A gets crucified, and burns on the cross*
by Aleckzander the Worst November 13, 2021
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