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A nickname for the University of Miami Created by one of the best players to ever come out of there Michael Irvin
Ray Lewis where he from... The U
by rjg May 30, 2006
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The University of Miami, the REAL U. Not to be confused with any backwater Pennsylvania hick towns (see Unionville, PA) which 99.9% of the population has never heard of, or any high schools located within said insignificant hick towns. This is the one that people have actually heard of and would give their left nut/first born child to be associated with.
This place is private not public. We have as many people in our school as you do in your class. But we'll still kick your ass in football. We dont pay to go to the games and the stadium may be 20 minutes away- but we drink in it. We pre-game like you party. We live where you vacation. We suntan while you freeze. We party harder then you know how to. And the places we party you've only seen on TV. We're going to the next bar while you're passing out. It's ok to be jealous. We understand your animosity. We live the life you wish you had. And of over 4000 universities and over 1700 division 1 schools, only one is simply known as "The U"

Better than your school since 1925...
by sierragolf119 October 18, 2006
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The University of Utah. The only university in the United States that starts with the letter 'U'.
The U killed their opponent last night in football.
by Ute in DC May 09, 2009
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The phrase "The U" is refered to when one talks about The University of Miami. Although Miami doesnt have the letter U in it, that is not what the phrase intends. Miami is refered to as "The U" because it is the best University. Hence the name "The U" or very rarely, "The University".
Mike- "Dude, you got accepted to The U!"
Chris- "Yeah, i already bought tickets to the football games too."
by Steve? November 08, 2005
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The U is the University of Connecticut for people that live in New England. It is the premier public university in New England, and is the top Big East basketball school.
Yo, where do you go to school?
The U.....of Conn
by giseppi jones February 27, 2011
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1.) Unionville, PA - settled 1753, established 1812
2.) Unionville High School - founded 1921

The University of Miami (FL), founded in 1925 (172 years after Unionville, PA was settled and 4 years after Unionville High School was founded in its present form), has no legitimate claim to our moniker. There is no letter "U" in the word "Miami", which makes one wonder how incompetent and foolish they are to have that as their logo.

Unionville, PA / Unionville High School = The U.
University of Miami (FL) = Illiterate, drugselling posers.
Unionville - The one. The only. The original. The U!
by Unionville March 18, 2005
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