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A key part of the US electorial system.
The hanging chads swung the vote in favour of GW Bush
by black flag May 31, 2004
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UK drug slang- Weed dealer. Sometimes contracted to Harry
Damn I've run out of stash, I'd better pop out and find a Harry.
by black flag May 30, 2004
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Scottish Folklore:-

A species of little people related to pot pixies who steal your stash when you ain't looking.
I'm sure I had a half ounce around here, I reckon the Hash Brownies have had it away.
by black flag June 28, 2004
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Genre transending acid rock band from North London. Formed late in 1969 by Dave Brock under the title Band X, they are still one of the most influential underground rock acts in the world. Past members inclde Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmister, Robert 'Starfighter' Calvert and Ginger 'I used to be in Cream' Baker.
Listern to the following
Space Ritual (1972)
PXR5 (1979)
Chronical Of The Black Sword (1985)
Love In Space (1999)
by black flag February 04, 2004
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To provide weed to a lady in the hope your investment will be repayed with sexual interest.
I took her home and made a large herbal investment but she still said no.
by black flag June 19, 2004
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A form of love bite. A bruise raised on the body of a sexual partner by very hard kissing / biting / sucking.
Normally found on the necks of adolescent girls.
You've got a hicky on your neck, who you been with you little tart
by black flag May 28, 2004
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UK usage.

A gelletine desert, usally fruit flavoured served with ice cream or cold custard. Known in the US as Jello
Sponge cake soaked in jelly and left over night to set is the bottom layer of trifle.
by black flag July 14, 2004
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