of low, common, or inferior quality
The coarse brown tint on his face suddenly became red when he realized there was a "kick me" sign attatched to his back.
by Alex December 3, 2003
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coarse language is language considered inappropriate for children.
coarse language: fuck, sex, faggot,
by kraminka February 4, 2011
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The use of profanity while playing golf. It could be after losing a ball, missing a putt or just the act of telling a dirty joke.
John, George and Phil played golf last weekend. John won, George cheated and Phil's golf coarse was unbelievable.
by werddup November 18, 2009
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Outter-Coarse. . . Its when you are in the middle of fucking a guy, and he tries to fucking put it in your ass and you just WONT have it, so you ask him to stop, but he doesnt, so basicly nothing happens, but he still enjoys the hell out of him self trying.
"I tried to have outter-coarse with my girl last night, but she wouldnt let me in! I was pissed"
by **It'z ME BiTcHeZ** July 31, 2007
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Zach Herron is a Full Coarse Meal. He is apart of a popular band called “Why Dont We”. He is the hottest and sexiest 17 year old alive. Some may argue, but it’s true. Not only is he a Full Coarse Meal, he is also a whole buffet! If you are looking for a dessert, make sure to hit up Jack Avery! And for a snack, Daniel Seavey!
Zach Herron is Not only a Full Coarse Meal, he’s a Whole Buffet!
by AvaHerron September 24, 2018
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A foresters way to say:
"I slept like a log last night."
"I slept well last night."
"I slept like a baby!"
"That was some awesome sleep!"
"Hey! How did you sleep last night?"

"I slept like coarse woody debris last night."

"No way! That's awesome."
by forestrychick November 30, 2011
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A very pretty person who I love a lot. They are so funny and smart. And I love their hair. They are so understanding and kind. I couldn’t ask for a better friend. I luv you (no homo)
Lil Coarse Dirt is the coolest person in the world
by V.iz.a.peice.of.shit January 11, 2021
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