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woman who is completely addicted to the most prominent male organ. Same as nymph, nympho, nymphomaniac.(Note that "whore" in this context does not usually indicate any payment is made: it simply suggests utter, often gullible submission to the servicing of males, which breeds contempt in others.)
Tray used to be Miss Cock Whore for a few years, but now she's a bit more selective about who can have her.
by kofi May 12, 2003
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(Not to be confused with plain vanilla, though also derived from flavours of ice cream.) Sex between so-called "black" and "white" people. May also be used for a threesome or group sex where at least one of those participating has sex with "black" and "white" alike.
A: I hear Tracy got bored with the same old plain vanilla with Chris.
B: Yeah, chocolate and vanilla is much more her thing, when she can get it.
C: (listening in, confused) Yeah? That's funny .... I didn't think Tracy even LIKED ice cream!
by kofi June 30, 2003
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intercourse fucking position. A variation of missionary: the man rises slightly more above the woman, and "floats freely" into her, and either he holds her calves (or feet) or she holds her knees folded back against her body and wide apart, to give him the maximum possible entry. Advantages: Man can ride high, right up to the womb; he can probe her very widely; extremely submissive female position and free dominant male role can excite both. Disadvantages: Can be strenuous: for extended sessions only lithe, fit bodies need apply!; also, not the best position for friction against ticklish ridges and main G-spots at front of the ridden cunt
Tracy loves butterfly, but only with manly men - and not on a full stomach!
by kofi May 12, 2003
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(British): woman working either as an escort, at the higher end of the sex industry, or as a sex worker, prostitute, at its bottom end.
"Don't you dare call ME a callgirl, you asshole .... I DON'T do this just for the money, you know!"
by kofi May 14, 2003
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(verb:) single-mindedly to masturbate a male to the point where he ejaculates his "milk" sperm. Use of this term suggests the extraction is more for the amusement and/or satisfaction of the "milker" than that of the person selected to be "milked". (Verb also found in combinations such as: "milk the snake", "milk the milkman")
Tracy used to boast to her friends that any man she could not milk within two hours of meeting, was not worth knowing.
by kofi May 08, 2003
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form of dance music originating in Afrika (Cameroun, to be precise). Noted for its repeated bright-toned picked-guitar figures, chanting-style vocals (often in Douala) and sometimes brass accompaniment, makossa is very upbeat. Sam Fan Thomas is perhaps its biggest name internationally. For better or worse, makossa has become a staple ingredient of "world music".
Have you heard "Samba Makossa" by Chico Science? A new blend of hip Afrikan and cool Brazilian grooves!
by kofi May 16, 2003
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(derived from ice cream's standard basic flavour): humorous term for the enjoyment of "straightforward" sexual intercourse, most obviously in the routine missionary position. If the phrase is used, the implication is normally that the enjoyment is somewhat limited, when perhaps other "flavours" might have been welcomed .... (Note: See also "chocolate and vanilla")
A: "So, how's the new girlfriend?"
B: "Oh, all right."
A: "What's the problem?"
B: "She's only interested in plain vanilla."
A: "Hell, man, give her time. You didn't expect a blowjob on the first date, did you?!"
by kofi June 30, 2003
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