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(UK): aka Docs. (a pair of) Doc(tor) Marten's, a brand of robust, "sensible" boots that regularly seem to go in and out of fashion with teenagers and particularly students, male and female alike, who want to look down-to-earth.
Alice: Howdy poddner. Say, ah juss dunn gunn got me this hiyer payer of ginn-you-ine DMs! - howja likem?!
Sarah: Why the fake American accent? Cool shoes, by the way!
Alice: Why, aren't they American?
by kofi May 15, 2003
More neutral or sympathetic alternative to prostitute, whore. Frankly offering sex for money is seen as either a necessary or acceptable job, parallel to (say) factory work, and no stigma or sneer of contempt should be attached to its practitioners.
"Sex workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains (unless you are happy wearing them)"
by kofi May 12, 2003
Not to be confused with "Dockers", but following the same pseudo-tough image!
see DMs
Alice: That gal Traicy's not fit ta kiss mah Docs!
Sarah: Look, Alice, they're ENGLISH, right? Just like you. And stop slagging Tracy off. Girl can't help the way she is!
Alice: She gunna feel the steel toecap o mah noo Docs up ho' slutty ayuss, if she don't keep ho' paws offa mah Aidan!
Sarah: (d'Ohhhhhhh ....)
by kofi May 15, 2003
(Not to be confused with plain vanilla, though also derived from flavours of ice cream.) Sex between so-called "black" and "white" people. May also be used for a threesome or group sex where at least one of those participating has sex with "black" and "white" alike.
A: I hear Tracy got bored with the same old plain vanilla with Chris.
B: Yeah, chocolate and vanilla is much more her thing, when she can get it.
C: (listening in, confused) Yeah? That's funny .... I didn't think Tracy even LIKED ice cream!
by kofi June 30, 2003
Traditional dance and music form of Brazil, it has many possible variations, speeds and hybrids with other dances. Unlike "salsa", the parallel but very different type(s) of traditional dancing in Spanish-speaking Latin America, samba has more hip movement and more of a "shuffle" feel to it, based on its softer ease on (and around) the beat, coming from the polyrhythms of the Afrikan percussion music that traditionally accompanied it. However, see also lambada
Samba still thrives in variation in the music of the new bands especially of the North-East of Brazil, e.g. Nacao Zumbi, Mundo Livre S/A, Mestre Ambrosio.
by kofi May 18, 2003
much the same as a bearded clam: except perhaps more eager, and more neatly trimmed, i.e. furry rather than shaggy in its coat. A plain beaver but helplessly spreadeagled. An object of fear, revulsion or contempt for some, an object of desire, conquest or reverence for many: yes it's yet another name for her cunt!
She was 16 when she first discovered she was carrying a wild animal around with her. Before she knew where she was, a wily trapper had trussed up and made short work of her furry little companion. Nowadays she keeps her split beaver as contented, well-exercised and well-fed as she possibly can.
by kofi May 15, 2003
(verb:) single-mindedly to masturbate a male to the point where he ejaculates his "milk" sperm. Use of this term suggests the extraction is more for the amusement and/or satisfaction of the "milker" than that of the person selected to be "milked". (Verb also found in combinations such as: "milk the snake", "milk the milkman")
Tracy used to boast to her friends that any man she could not milk within two hours of meeting, was not worth knowing.
by kofi May 9, 2003