38 definitions by Criostoir Hulme

lifetime - the lifetime a person has lived
Colonel "Paddy" Blair Mayne (1915-1955) was a legend in his own lifetime
by Criostoir Hulme December 08, 2005
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needy is an acronym for needing efficient energetic damp yoni
A woman sent me a message saying "J's needy"
by Criostoir Hulme July 08, 2006
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A couple of hundred years ago a man walked into a shop
in London and asked the person behind the counter for a newt
by Criostoir Hulme September 01, 2005
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A Penis is a multi use tool
A Penis may be used for the following..
1. Pissing into the toilet bowl
2. Having a wet dream
3. Giving oral satisfaction to a woman or a gay male (either one can give you a blow job)
4. Receiving satisfaction from a woman or a gay male (one or the other giving you a blow job)
5. Sexual intercourse (straight)
6. Sexual intercourse (anal)
7. Showing off to the guy standing beside you at the urinal
8. Shaking off drips after pissing in the urinal
9. When you are a small boy you may use it for striking a bargain with a small girl.
The conversation usually goes along these lines "You show me yours and I'll show you mine"
10. Masturbation
11. CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) or Genitorture (BDSM specialities)
12. Another area of the body to receive a few tattoos
13. Another area suitable for body piercing
14. It's a good part of the anatomy for wearing a ring
15. A hard penis is good for the ejaculation of semen
16. It may be stimulated to give you pleasure
17. A penis fits neatly into an orifice. It may fit into more than one orifice, usually one at a time.
by Criostoir Hulme July 13, 2006
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people who have managed their money carefully over many generations and increased the value of their holdings by careful financial management. Many of these people own a large estate and may also have a town house. They do not follow the popular fashion fads and wear good quality clothing that has a timeless look. Everything about them may be summed up in a few words GOOD TASTE and QUALITY
Most of the old money in Ireland belongs to the gentry and families with businesses established the 1800s and early part of the 1900s
by Criostoir Hulme September 11, 2005
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a shag is hard to describe. There are many definitions ...see shag
Here are a few things that a shag may be like:
1. A shag is like a see saw: up and down.
2. A shag is like the tide: in and out.
3. A shag is like a sauna: it makes you sweat.
4. A shag is like a good curry: it makes you hot.
5. A shag is like a table without a cloth: it has four bare legs.
6. A shag is like a spade: a tool in a hole.
7. A shag is like an invitation: cum in
8. A shag is like a kid on a rocking horse: a ride to remember
9. A shag is like bad porridge: lumpy and sticky
10.A shag is like a cox’s orders: In, Out, In, Out, In Out
11.A shag is like praying: Oh God, Oh God, Oh God.
12.A shag is like an Irish man with a strange name: Orgas Mic
13.A shag is like a thing for joining things together: A Screw.
14.A shag is like a connection between railway carriages: Coupling
15.A shag is like a conversation: Intercourse
by Criostoir Hulme July 12, 2006
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