jessica: i can't be in crafts class, i'm not crafty.
kyle: you don't have to be fucking "crafty" to be in crafts, dumb shit.
by J.Som August 31, 2005
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An adjective that can be applied to someone, usually for insulting purposes.

Someone may get this label when:
1) Their stupidity provides anger or frustration to someone else

2) Their stupidity provides amusement, usually at their expense

This word can be closely related to dumb fuck
1) "Your a fucking annoying dumb shit"

2) "You have to be a dumb shit to fall for that"
by Paper1 June 22, 2005
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a person that is stupid, retarded, or just plain ignorant; a combination of a dumbass and a shithead; also known as an asshead
kyle: yesturday my little brother van was playing videogames while jacking off and he squirted himself in the eye
jack: wow! your brother's such a dumb shit
by p.o.b.forever December 25, 2009
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When someone post a dumb shit definition on

When u post a inside joke between you and your boss...
Or when you post a definition that is in the real dictionary...
Its dumb and not intresting to read..

And I will make fun of you and call you a dumb shit!!
Boss poop: my boss takes long in the bathroom so her nickname is poopie boss...

Gay dumb and stupid...
You can do better you dumb shit!!
by jaoni November 17, 2011
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