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well known as one of the best digital graphic artists
yo inimical hook me up with a sig my nigga
by Inimical March 24, 2005
A wooden object with a single, or several, protruding sharp objects, typically of carpenter-nail design. Used to injure, maim or kill.
I'm going to take that jerk out back of the toolshed, and introduce him to the nailbat!

Matsumoto swung courageously, before he was felled quickly by the nailbat.
by Inimical October 22, 2004
1. A synonym for scrotum, which protects and houses the male testes. Should not be forcefully attacked for any reason.

2. Some asshole using my name to make stupid definitions. *thumbs down*
Get your own name, nutsack.

His nutsack was ripped open when he landed on that pipe, and his balls spilled out.
by Inimical November 8, 2004