You might here the following in Philly:
"The Phillies are the bomb diggity."
"This cheese steak is the bomb diggity."
"The Liberty Bell is the bomb diggity, if you're into that kind of shit."
"Dude your mom was the bomb diggity in bed last night."
by Nick D September 10, 2003
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1. Sound expressed when in total amazement and excitement

2. person who is super cool and awesome

3. A miniature robot that digs for bombs

4. a pokemon, cousin of diglet
you're my bomb-diggity. that means you like digging for bombs.
by e February 4, 2005
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Someone who is incredibly awesome for unexplained reasons.
"What do you think of that new girl Gretchen?"
"She's the bomb diggity."
by UFO TOFU February 25, 2009
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groovy, hip, happenin, now
Dr. Duke is the most bomb diggity doc I know. He is hot!
by dudet September 2, 2004
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