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A sexual action that occurs when a man whom has large balls gets a women in the doggystyle position. Upon finishing each thrust, the balls swing and tap the clitorus of the female counterpart. The swinging of the ballsack looks like that of a bell and when the balls collide with the clitoris it creates great stimulation for the female. The Liberty bell can be performed at various speeds and tempo's. It also carries other types of monikers, including the dinner bell (very fast) the Taco Bell (starting and stopping like the drive through) the slow gong,
usually when the male is finishing. The Alexander Graham Bell (Becoming inventive with different ways to deliver the ring.) A man with big enough balls to perform this action is said to have "Bell-ability"
Oh my gosh Brianne, Chris gave me the liberty bell this morning and I had the longest orgasm EVER. Damn. Girl. I wish my man had bell-ability.
by The Switz January 28, 2009
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