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Do the right, noble thing per John Wayne.
My boy puked in my car, but he was Duke about it and cleaned up.
My chick is Duke, doesn't mind dudes poker night.
by msdee November 17, 2016
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1) To slap a sandwich down upon the sandwich of another person as a sign of opprobrium or disrespect.
I was at Jersey Mike's on my lunch break, and sitting one table over I see this guy wearing a New England Patriots Tebow jersey, and I'm like oh Lord keep me from doing what I'm about to do, and I look at my half eaten chicken parm, and I look over at Chowder stuffing his face with bread and mayo, and I look back to my chicken parm, and I look back at Tebow, and I ask God for strength, but Chowder starts choking and hacks out a thick, rattly cough, and doesn't cover his mouth, and it's like I leave my own goddam corporeal being and watch as a hand not my own picks up the parm, and a body not my own rises, walks over to Tebow, yells "Cover your fucking mouth next time," and slaps the parm down on his sandwich. Suddenly returned to my self, I shout, "You just got fucking DUKED" raise my arms, and walk out. Best fucking duking of my life.
by Sparts2017 March 31, 2017
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a word that I looked up to see people's opinions on the basketball team, but instead i got mostly horribly disgusting sexual definitions.
I never knew "duke" was a slang word for butt sex.
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1.) Fists.

2.)One's hands clenched tight together to form deadly weapons often called FISTS in order to defeat an advisary.

3.) The act of duking it out, to fight, to rumble, and / or lay the smack down thick.
"Put up your dukes, and lets rumble"

"Lets duke it out. first one to cry is a yancy pants."
by DerekForReal November 02, 2005
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The name of the talking dog for Bush's Baked Beans.

Bet you weren't expecting that def.
Of course Duke won't sell the secret family recipe.
by Sid Barrett April 07, 2008
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A name you can call someone, replaces their actual name. Often replaces "him" or "dude."
Sam: "What's up duke?"
Charles: "Nothing what about you dude?"

Brian: "What do you think about John?"
Kevin: "Duke is cool."
by Duke Bruh July 22, 2013
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