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different colored bracelets that are pretty and fun to play with in class. its fun seeing what your colors mean and joking around about it, but no one actually does it. 69s are pretty just because of the design.
"Someone broke my black bracelet hahaha"
"So what did you do?"
"Made him buy me a new one."
by rachel February 10, 2004
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Let's clear this up.

Some people think that jellies are "fuck bracelets" while others wear them for fun. So who gives a fuck if people want to use them their way? I know tons of people who wear jellies, and some play an innocent version of Snap, not one involving sex or something, and some wear them cause they look cool. So why don't we all just stop saying all the hateful shit to each other and just deal with the fact that people have free will and a mind of their own, and if they choose to play Snap, let them!
Look, I'm wearing jellies! I can play Snap or not, because I have free will and a mind! Hooray for me!
by rachel September 19, 2004
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Well, at my school, if you give a jelly bracelet to a boyfriend/girlfriend and he/she breaks it, you have to have sex. It's very entertaining when you're bored..*cough*
There is no example here except that I gave one to a friend, not thinking anything of it, and he brakes it. Imagine what happened later that night...
by rachel December 23, 2003
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what the fuck?!
If people like this girl and think she rocks...then God help us all!!...
every single last one of us
ex.- s8ter boi
by rachel February 21, 2004
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kurt cobain was the one who changed music forever and sang music from the heart and he will always be remember forever R.I.P kurt
by rachel January 25, 2004
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