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an amazing girl whos pretty, funny, nice, adorable, and just awesome!!! i <<3 you arielle!

"Everyone LOVES arielle."
by rachel June 23, 2004
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A small metal container,usually placed in rows on a field of grass.Usually full of working class alcoholics with nightmare children.
We are going on holiday to skegness in a caravan
by rachel April 15, 2004
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When it is summer, Murry's back legs get all hairy and fuzzy and from behind, he looks like he's wearing pants constructed from his own fur.
Hey, Bridge, Murry's panting in his catpants.
by rachel June 18, 2004
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An event occuring when you bring all the cats into the bedroom and place them on the bed. This can be performed one cat at a time or en masse. Upon completion of said task, the challenge is to say: "Hey, it's a cat party!" before the kitties flee from the room.
Get the 'Pounce', it's a cat party.
by rachel June 21, 2004
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