You are about to go down on a chick who is on the rag. Before you dive in you dip your finger in her snatch use ger blood to draw war paint on your face and then you raise one hand in the air and use your other to make a native war call.
Veronica made me go down on her while she was on the rag. So to get psyched I gave her the apache. She was so turned on.
by Jerbear83 May 29, 2006
A Native American group from the Southwestern USA. They have different tribes such as, the Chiricahua, Mezcalero and Jicarilla. The Navajo were once an Apache tribe, till they broke away and became a distinct, separate group. Apaches were fierce warriors that were respected and hated by their enemies. Apaches still live in the Southwest and many still speak their languages and practice their traditions, but they aren't "wild Indians" living in the bush,lol. That's just in old John Wayne movies.
The Apache are part of the colorful, rich, Southwest history.
by JD February 12, 2005
In a sense of the word that has become increasingly common in metropolitan Turkish culture, the adjective/ sometime noun defines a type of person, usually a male, who wears flashy, fake-branded yet stylish clothes, supports a highly stylized quasi-emo fauxhawk, dances Tecktonik and hangs out on curbsides and concrete urban parks. The song 'I'm In Miami, Bitch' is most often associated with the Turkish Apache.
Ooh, that song Alors On Dance brings out the apache in my heart. I can't keep my arms from moving wildly, in and out and around my head!
by felireze July 3, 2010
A popular, free webserver that runs the majority of websites.
Microsoft only dreams of creating some as good as apache.
by Sam September 30, 2003
1. American indian tribe from what is now modern-day Arizona.

2. Nickname for the United States Army's AH-64 attack helicopter.

3. Popular, free web server.
The Apache attack helicopter has seen action in Operation Just Cause, Operation Desert Storm, and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
by Deej July 22, 2004
He told me he really liked the girl but couldn't find the balls to talk to her. I simply replied: "Apache!"
by D.J.M. April 11, 2006
A popular, free, and open-source webserver with massive supporting community and used by the vast majority of websites in the world.

Much more desirable when compared to IIS, due to it's vastly better security history and better dependability.
That website is down. Oh, wait, it's running on IIS.
by Snuffkin February 4, 2005