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Possibly originating in the song Raspberry Swirl by Tori Amos, a raspberry swirl is an orgasm. A heart pounding, bass blasting orgasm in which heavy breathing and the words 'Let's go' are used.
I am not your senorita
I am not from your tribe
If you want inside her, well,
Boy you better make her raspberry swirl
by Sam January 3, 2005
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i typed tounge and the spellchecker started beeping and flashing.
by Sam February 24, 2004
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A type of incident that should not be mentioned around the company of ladies, they suffer alot worse than men. a piss flinch is usually a drunken/stoned action performed (hopefully) in private when urinating. the 'piss flinch' is a desperate type of flinch involving the lower legs and hips simultaneously. a type of judder I suppose, resulting in a sparatic spray of piss over the floor to either side of the bowl/urinal, and occasionally into the stash of bog-roll if you happen to be at home. hmmm nice soggy piss cleaned arse hole for mother. With women, they can be catapulted feet into the air, of can be spun off the seat at a great velocity. this can result in serious injuries, and sometimes loss of rationality/piss (or both) - but these things are never discussed. I only know after extensive research. Piss flinch can also be used as a rather Facetious insult to a close friend, sometimes called neil, or Ning. this happy banter can soon digress into a slurry of vocal fumblings, and end in giggles of the funny type. yes, yes they can. can they? yes. is it? I think we all know.
...oh neil you fucking piss flinch!... ning, ningle mc flingle, fucking piss flinch cunt!. are you? am I? are you neil? Neeeiiiiil??? yes. piss flinched arse gruff nutted piss minch creg bitch. That fish bitch just piss flinched neil, did you see the tallons on that? yes
by Sam October 14, 2004
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60's term referring to a person with a big, fat, Mexican-style moustache. At least that's what my mom says . . .
Hey, look at the frito bandido! Man, he needs a shave!
by Sam March 8, 2005
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Yelled when a crippled or handicapped person is seen.
by Sam May 5, 2003
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When your dick grows 11 inches after looking at the the hottest in the world. You list wanna slam her like a basketball net all night long.
by Sam February 16, 2004
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