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When someone is looking fine u say they are buff (London ting)
Manz was buff
by Jd July 28, 2003

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XO - hugs and kisses
Actually, it's kiss (X) and hug (O)
I'll see you soon Julie,
by JD April 21, 2005

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To absolutely destroy or take advantage of.
Those dumb villagers got raped by the insurance salesman.
by JD January 23, 2003

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Oral retrieval of semen from the anus.
After shooting a copious load of cum up her ass, Mark buried his face in her ass and began felching his lady love.
by JD August 17, 2003

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a girl who look mad good
va va voom va va voom!!!
by jd February 19, 2005

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The ruthless and shady bounty hunter in the original Star Wars Trilogy. He is best known for his pursuit and capture of the well-known smuggler Han Solo. Although it appears that Boba comes to an unfortunate death in the film, Return of the Jedi, Expanded Universe books and comics have revived him. The actor Jeremy Bulloch played both Boba Fett and an Imperial Officer in the series.
Random bounty: "You don't talk much."

Boba Fett: "You talk enough for the both of us."
by JD January 27, 2004

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a pontiac sunfire has less air resistance than a stealth bomber.

sporty car made by gm with a spoiler on the back.
where did you get that pontiac sunfire
by jd February 19, 2005

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