A stupid ass piece of land that is made by weathering, sedimentation, and the devil. Hills are the leading cause of death for fatties along with shoveling snow.

Hills are the worst. Even the smallest can completely crush you, for instance in the Boston Marathon Heart Break Hill is a major obstacle for the participants which forces even seasoned runners to say "Fuck that!". When riding a bike, running or walking climbing hills can be a daunting task (depending on your weight and endurance) it can cause you to breathe heavy or in extreme cases say "Fuck that!" and stop halfway up. Hills are some bullshit. They caused the all of humanity to work so much harder and longer for things like a house, farming, and a pale of water.

Hills are only fun to roll down and sled on.

Hill climbing syndrome is usually caused by climbing hills or a mountain. The symptoms include giving up, crying like a little bitch, shitting yourself, heart attack, sweating profusely, weight loss, muscle gain, tiredness, fatigue, and the most common saying "Fuck that!" and going around.
"I live on a hill and it's bullshit"
"You're a lazy cunt"
by CargoShorts June 30, 2017
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A Philosopher of Society who lives on a day to day struggle trying to figure out the true meaning of life. Cursed around Ignorance among an oppressed race yet still manages to hustle hard in Major US cities like New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, and Houston while finding time to have taste for beauties of the world including 90's model Chevys, Sexy hazzled eyed redbones, and hip hop music with plenty orchestra in the background.
Yo Steve-OH ya Supa Deep Son...You Ill Hill diggs!? Dougie...
by $teve-0H May 2, 2010
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A large grassy mound which for some reason certain people, known as hillwalkers enjoy climbing! (THIS IS NOT A FUN EXERCISE)
I hated it when we climbed that hill.
by Elliot Iddon May 28, 2008
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When both opponents in a pool set need to win one more game to win the set.
There we were playing race to 5, and I was up 4-3 so I was on the hill. He won the next game to make it hill hill. Then he broke, didn't get anything on the break and had to watch me run the table to win. Now he owes me drinks for a month. Bwahahahaha!
by King Gabey March 25, 2004
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Quite possibly THE dumbest fucking show on the face of the Earth. I would rather guzzle cat piss while getting raped up the ass by Wesley Snipes while having bamboo splintered under my fingernails while having my balls chewed on by Jaws (the villain from James Bond) while getting a blowjob from Jaws (the shark from the movie) while watching the episode of Dragon Ball Z where you THINK Vacheta is going to fight Goku but they say it'll be in the next episode while listening to a 7 year old on Counterstrike: Source brag about how he's "teh leet balls" than watch The Hills.
by saucyn00b March 9, 2009
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a person who is not connected with the realities of life because they live high up on a hill.

usually a son/daughter of a rich family who has no idea about issues and problems of normal people!
he has no idea about the problems we face cause he lives on a hill!!
by Kimi123 August 18, 2009
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