A phrase used to sarcastically indicate that something which is presumed or hoped for is, in fact, not true.

Typically used in discussions to either insult someone, or to refute an assertion by emphasizing why that assertion is inaccurate.
(As an insult)

*Bill finishes 34th in a marathon*

Dick - Hey Bill, nice job winning first place. Oh, wait.

(As a rebuttal)

Bill - The United States is in a strong state of financial security.

Dick - Yes. Good thing our national debt isn't somewhere around $14 trillion. Oh, wait.
by magzillas July 8, 2011
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something you say after you just made fun of someone for something they did or didnt do.
hey greg, good job on winning the contest earlier today...oh wait
by sveedin May 14, 2010
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Oh wait.....Is she a big fat person....?
From silence of the lambs.

Used mostly when you are kidding,

Other spellings include,

O wate, Oh wate, O weight, O8, etc.....
I just shit my pants.....oh wait, I mean......farted

I just got a massage from craigslist and it was a dude.......Oh wait.....I mean a blow job....2x Oh weight
by DG magee January 10, 2010
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The insult is a very heavy insult that could make your enemy shake in fear and get down on his/her knees.
This word pattern is commonly used when you save a goal in football and the opponent breaks down crying.
The English lexicon is implied in this extreme mental abuse method by not including the letters E and Z and then remembering these letters after reciting the rest of the letters in alphabetical order stating "OH WAIT I FORGOT EZZZZZZZZZZZZ" (ez being slang that gamers commonly use as a way to say easy).
Let's suppose little Timmy kicked a ball toward Keene in the goalie position and Keene saves the ball from going in

*Keene saves the ball and walks up to Timmy already on the floor crying*


*Timmy breaks down*

TImmy says "why you hurt my feelings bro, next time I score ten goals!"
by tuiwbeiwuq March 31, 2023
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I don't know figure it out yourself I just kept on clicking the middle button of my keyboard and made a master piece.
The one who always says you are not Asian oh wait I don't live with her mum is the weirdest thing I have created by fat
by Your real name is your real na October 19, 2019
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