a 200 mile long parking lot in California that was once considered a route through which vehicles moved.
I would rather pee blood than be on the 101 in 5 o'clock traffic
by Ben Salisbury November 12, 2001
Typical Southern Californian turn of phrase inappropriately adding "the" when referring to highway 101 despite the fact that "101" is in fact a proper name. Oddly enough, only applies to freeways.
Get on the fourth street, then take the G street down past the Pine avenue, turn left on the Broadway and get on the 101.
by WPB May 23, 2004
The way a true Southern Californian refers to Highway 101. Though greatly disputed by those from North California, this is the only correct way to refer to The 101.
Get on the 101 and take the first exit.
by Keith Jesus Wilcox November 5, 2001
The IMPROPER way to refer to California's main highway.
It takes about three hours to get home if you take 101.
by The Grammar Nazi November 5, 2001
when a supposed expert repeats common knowledge as if it were inner sanctum shit.
an astrologist saying "now, Virgo is between Leo and Libra, covering most of September." 101-101 brain boy!
by Crassboy August 27, 2009
an introductory lesson on something
If he cant teach grilling 101, I don't know who can.