Amazing people who are caring, sweet and are a good friend. They support their friend/friends no matter what. They are fun and definite not boring. Libras are sexy, confident, cute and hot. Don't ever lose a Libra!
Random person: Who is that?
Susan: She is a Libra
Random person: She looks stunning and so confident!
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The most creative and charming of all the signs. libra may be very insecure but refuses to show it. Libra gets along with aries,saggitarius,Aquarius,leo and Gemini.Best avoided would be virgo capricorn,cancer and piscies.these individuals are very indecisive so they constantly need someones help while making a decision. Libra has a love for love,art,clothes, and passion. Libra sees every side of an argument but, refuses to lose one. Even when they know they are right they will let you go on and make you look dumb. Libras ruler is venus wich is ruler of sex, love,money, fertility,and prostitution. When libras are quiet it is best to leave them alone because you won't ever know what there next move is. When a libra is thinking they are thinking about how to get what they want and the best plan possible to get it. Libras may find themselves flirting alot wich can lead to bad relationships. Do not make a libra bored because he will find someone or something else to do. Libras are always thinking of whats next and has no time for childish people all tho they maybe very immature at times. They can make anyone laugh and are known for there clumsy nature. Libra can stand out in a crowd of anything so you can tell when a libra is in the room. Asap rocky, marshall mathers, Zac Efron, snoop dog, and many more are libras are you a libra?
Oh your a libra i figured
by Jonothan porter November 17, 2019
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Libras are known for being SEXY and having FAT asses. Of course they’re FUNNY and a bit emotional at times but the humor makes up for it and they usually tend to dress to impress
Hey do you know she’s a libra?!
Of course, look at her ass!!
by Jdesdgbbs October 26, 2020
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People born between September 24 and October 22. *****
Type error in the definition of Libra instead of October 20, it's October 22. Thank you!
by Horoscope Libra June 5, 2017
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You can be happy by being a Libra
by Babydicksdotcom January 19, 2020
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