short for teacher, usually used insultingly
yo man i got that bitchy english teach next period....
by rush8192 December 13, 2004
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A term usually used as a put down to those who ask obvious questions and have their questions answered in a sarcastic way. It resembles the classic burned or owned, but more specific to question-asking. In forums "teach!" is often followed by an emoticon wearing a graduation cap and holding a pointer.
n00b: Why can't I post in the rest of the forums?

member 1: Surely you already know that after having read the rules before joining.

member 2: teach! *insert emoticon*
by ctrl-alt-delete November 27, 2005
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To be Owned or served by a teacher
Ohh man, the teacher today totally burned that stupid kid today in class. He got Teached!
by Paladax November 04, 2011
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teached (teechd)
–verb: past tense and past participle of "teach". Commonly used in Trinidad by the most educated people.
"Ummm, where have you teached before?"
by Ny (The Man) September 28, 2006
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A profession that highly skilled people find themselves in when they can't find a better job.

For all those people who say that teaching is is....just because all the kids are like Vikki Pollard
Shit I can't find a job that opays more than £10,000 a year....better go into teaching
by Heather Scott November 04, 2004
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“Teach” is to show or do something to inform other of something that can help them learn
Teacher : ok today I will be teaching

Student : ok
by Xxcup_cake970xX July 18, 2020
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