A physical attribute where a woman's nipples grow outward to an astounding degree when excited.
Her mile longs almost poked my eye out.
by plan August 19, 2006
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Having sex on a train makes you a part of this club.
I f****d my boyfriend between Grand Central and Stamford, so we're in the mile long club.
by olygirl July 18, 2005
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Sex while riding the train: in coach. (So you have to do it in the bathroom like in the airplane "Mile High Club")
We need to take a train trip together long enough for us to join the Mile Long Club
by GeorgeStacey June 18, 2010
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When the men and women from come together into a giant line, plant themselves on a road and then they all spread open their asscheeks far and wide forming a massive mile-long cheek-opened line of people in form of protest.
holy fuuck dude i just saw a Mile-Long Spread
by Rionox February 15, 2023
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spin off of mile long club

this term is the under ground version. any form of sex on a subway. also see long bus.
after shopping my wife asked" what way are we going home" and i told her" we're taking the mile long sub. "
by mar'scorpio February 21, 2010
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A hypothetical club whose members have had sex with enough men that a line of penises of said men were arranged from end to end would stretch a mile. If the average human male penis is 6" this would account for, on average, 10,560 men. If a candidate were to include beasts of burden into their calculations the mile could be reached much faster.
My sister-in-law, despite getting a late start in life, is just slutty enough to be well on her way to becoming a member of the mile long club.
by R. Reynolds December 28, 2006
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