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a photo somone took of themself with a camera at an arms-length distance(sometimes on their cell phone). Usually taken in a bathroom or bedroom with some type of serious look on their face (guys) or slutty look in a skimpy outfit (girls). Most people do this and then immediately erase the picture, but those who put them on the wb are guilty of the "myspace"

Variation 1: the myspace also applies to people who take pictures of themself in the mirror...which is without a doubt the queerest form of photography currently in existence.
Variation 2: the "myspace" can also describe a picture of similar format found on facebook
"Dude check out this pic i found online. shes so hot."
"C'mon man, shes doing the "myspace"-so gay. shes probably 13 anyways."
"Dude, grass on the field, play ball!"
by ConorG October 21, 2006
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