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website that encourages the scene, the emo and even the ghettto to photo graph themselves in thier bathrooms and proceed to spend hours upon hours whoring themselves out.
it has become an epidemic
be cautined: it is addictive
myspace, a place for friend

(pshhht. i encourage you hack into the site and change it to myspace, a place for scene whores)
by Noma March 07, 2005

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a picture taken usually by ones self with exessive amounts of greasy dyed black hair covering a large portion of expressionless face.
'go comment on my new pics plllllllllleeaaaase'

(even though you have 6 other pic that look exactly the same)
by Noma March 07, 2005

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the orange county, except its in jersey and the skinny creepy blonde girl is actually the devils child. its a cheap thrill, but a thrill non the less. watch it.
fox 5 on thursday at 9
by Noma March 14, 2005

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