The piece of shit that raped, murdered and pissed on the coolest place for music, imeem. This sucking, fucking craphole has fucking no music, a shitty playlist layout that will have you banging your face against the keyboard, and more fucking advertisements then my goddamned TV.
MySpace User: I'm going to go listen to some music! Oh damn, they don't have what i'm looking for. I guess i'll go stick a wrench in my dick then.

Imeem User: I'm going to go listen to some music! Fuck yea! Now I can listen to some badass fucking tunes with no advertisements every other song to interupt my fucking awesome playlist!

Imeem User using Myspace Music: Hot damn, I fucking made this gay-ass Myspace account, waited for-fucking-ever, and now I can finally listen to my playlists!
As soon as I can navigate this labyrinth of friggin shit and piss... ah there we... what the fuck? Where's all my damn music?! I had almost 200 songs, now ive got fuckin 50! God DAMMIT!! Fuck you Myspace, you fucking shitcan!
by Terrordar March 25, 2010
The best way to listen to an album for free without paying a penny.

Also, a great way to find some obscure band that nobody has heard of, but who cares about that part.
I never bought a CD in ages, thanks to myspace music.
by kyle 230 August 12, 2009