article of clothing thats hoochie, small, short, or too tight.
damn, that girl's skirt is skimpy!
by tiff March 13, 2004
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Australian Slang: A female bartender who takes her clothes off if she collects enough in tips. Common in the city of Kalgoorlie.
It’s this diverse mix of customers who have all had a beer with a skimpy that makes the Kalgoorlie skimpy scene so unique, according to Wild West Saloon Bar manager and former skimpy Nicky who first came to Kalgoorlie to work five years ago during her university holidays. - The Kalgoorlie Miner
by mash92587 November 12, 2009
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a skiny or a little bit in a marijuana sack.
yo!that is a skimpy ass sack!...
by KILLS August 15, 2006
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one of the most fun people around! definatley a great best friend!
skimpy likes the twirly whirly.
by scorchie February 13, 2003
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A joint (or blunt) that is rolled with little weed and not tight.
"yo, who the fuck rolled this skimpy ass joint?"
by Kogi ah December 13, 2019
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A Word Me And My Friends Use For short shorts and underwear and tight stuff. Shorts You Wear Under Your Skirt.
"you Got On Your Skimpies"

"Jesus Bri Your Down To Your Skimpies"
by Lil kim liz July 27, 2006
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skimpy: too short clothing; when clothes are so skimpy Snookie wouldnt even wear them but your 12 year old daughter does for her dates.
shes only 12 and has those skimpy clothe, i cant believe her mother let her out of the house
by harlody runn December 28, 2011
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