apparently a song everyone cries to
- Dude did you hear that new song Drivers License ??

- Yea bro, ngl i cried.
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this is a song used to dig big holes in the ground (using a shovel or your tears) when you're sad or in the mood to do some bad, sad things. it's a really good metaphor for being sad, heartbroken, lonely or having a self-diagnosed depression. it's also a really uni-song. it fits every mood a human can have, the vibes are just different depending on your current feelings.
david: hey how are you?
julie: drivers license.
david: let me give you a hug then
by owoitsquack February 25, 2021
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a song that describes the drama going on between olivia rodrigo, joshuah basset, and sabrina carpenter. olivia and joshua were rumored to have dated and joshua flirted with sabrina carpenter. in the song olivia says your probably with that blonde girl, and sabrina is blonde!
im crying over the song “drivers license” by olivia rodrigo. im having a drivers license situation right now.
by drivers license January 12, 2021
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the masterpiece of a song by olivia rodrigo. in zed song she subtly shades her rumored ex, joshua basset.
by tired toe cramp January 10, 2021
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The only form of ID that Americans use, therefore requiring EVERYONE to learn to drive
Asking for ID

American example:

*Can I see your drivers license
*I don't drive so I don't have a license
*Well I won't do any business with you
*WTF!?! What about a PASSPORT!?!

European example:

*Can I see your ID
*(hands over ID)
*Okay, great. Thank you!
by NHRHS2010 June 16, 2011
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Hey have you listen to the song Driver’s license?
Yeah it’s all over my fyp
by Halouinm January 11, 2021
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a song written by olivia rodrigo to listen to when you're thinking of your ex (or, for people who are forever alone, crush that dumped you). if listening within a 2 mile radius of an american high school, can make everyone, from ig baddies or abgs to tiktok egirls to even weebs, cry and think about what went wrong in their lives. people call it "basic", but it's really not.
driver's license slaps omg...olivia rodrigo emmy nomination when

my best friend put driver's license on her instagram story again. is she ok?
by 你们都是傻瓜 March 4, 2021
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