When someone you know does something stupid or dumb...you say it to imply sarcasm
When Joe accidently dumped over his nearly full beer bottle, at least three people at the party turned to him and yelled, "Thanks for coming, Joe!!"
by snowwhitebitch13 August 31, 2010
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1. This is said to someone or a group of people that loses a game and or an activity.
2. When someone has no clue of what they are talking about.
3. When someone achieves an epic fail.
The team lost 0 to 50 tell them I said "thanks for coming out".
by Joeyjofly💃 November 28, 2015
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When someone's presence at an event is kind of pointless, but they go anyway.
I can't even see the game from these "thanks for coming out" seats!
by Professor RRRR January 20, 2016
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Standard phrase used by people of indian/pakistani descent when you leave their dairy queen/convenience store/days inn/dunkin donuts/taxi.
Welcome to the Quickie Mart. Would you care to try a purple slurpee?
Thank you, come again.
by pythonspam November 7, 2003
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Phrase used after you say something (generally a longer story) and no one responds, similar to how a ted talk works.
You: *tells a long story about how you dropped your enchilada*
group chat: *doesnt respond
You: Thank you for coming to my ted talk
by jamesqu August 2, 2018
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Celebrities like Kate McPherson have been known to end tweets with this statement. In some ways it's a full on acknowledgement of a personal idea or claim but a dismissal of anyone's negative response to the claim. In other words, I want you to know this information but I am not particularly concerned with your opinion regarding said information.
Nicki Minaj is constantly biting off of Cardi-B...thank you for coming to my ted talk
by Kinam July 9, 2018
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