one of the best fast-food restaurants in the world.
Let's go to Dairy Queen and get us a Hungr Buster, Oreo Blizzard, fries, and a Dilly Bar!
by Chris November 10, 2004
an annoying new mother that makes major production when she has to go pump her boobs.
May I have your attention? I'm on my way to the ladies room to pump, said the Dairy Queen.
by dairyking March 4, 2008
a) an ice cream parlor in North America

b) a coolidiculous, non-misogynistic term for a lesbian female
most females who define themselves as a dairy queen in public are probably sarcastic about and are more like bisexual or bi-curious in private.
by Sexydimma October 2, 2014
When you stick your dick in chocolate dipping sauce and get a blow job
tristin got a dairy queen from colin while watching a fat people show
by Todd Elmran September 12, 2010
a lactating MILF who gets fucked on a regular basis by an assortment of cocks.
John fucked a dairy queen last night.
by Ailing Vomit April 24, 2010
dairy queen is a gay cow
i think your cow is gay she must be a dairy queen cause she only eats heyyyy
by ODog N Cali M.C N T April 8, 2009
1)a milk maid

2)a hamburger chain

3)a lactating porn star
I went to the Dairy Queen for two cones and a Beltbuster.
by aereilly July 31, 2003