The most amazing last name anyone could ever have. They're also usually the best looking people. It's either Irish or Scottish, which ever it is...they rock.
by dfizzem July 14, 2008
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McPherson is everything and anything. Anything or anyone. Do not enter a McPherson's patch. A McPherson is highly thought of and feared. Can be a violent ram.
Mcpherson: "HAVE THAT PUP!"
by McTavish Clan December 26, 2011
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A flawless creature more so than a Nguyen COMPARE WITH GOD basically god and beyonce all wrapped in one. lol
WOW OMG thats a McPherson no wonder she/ he is smokin hot
by anonymous77778279386187 December 21, 2016
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in the act of sodomy, when the male urinates in the ass of his partner
that guy got SLAPPED for giving her the McPherson!
by Maner February 29, 2008
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1.) God
2.) Singer of 80's ska band "madness"
3.) British man who happens to have the sexiest voice in all of the world.

see also suggs or suggs mcpherson
"Did you know that Suggs' name is really Graham McPherson?"
by Agatha Mold October 04, 2004
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alex mcpherson’s are usually tall pasty white girls. they are also usually ranga’s. they all find it hard to find people that like them.
person 1: oh look she is a ranga

person 2: must be alex mcpherson
by void gender April 22, 2020
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