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Talking to tv cameraman to move the lense down on a pretty lady on tv.
Pan down brother
by Kuehlstein December 27, 2017

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A time in your life you start drinking a lot more beer. And you think to yourself it will probably cause liver issues and think ahhhh i'll take that
I'll take that.
by Kuehlstein February 23, 2018

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You sleep with a friends wife and she says take it to the grave.
Take to the grave
by Kuehlstein February 04, 2018

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When girlfriend wants a little sexiepoo.
You owe me one boyfriend
by Kuehlstein December 29, 2017

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To scare someone with a sound.
Repairman drilling into water wall. You say psssss like a water leak.
by Kuehlstein January 29, 2018

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Nickname for NFL. Not for long.
I didn't last long in the nfl.
by Kuehlstein December 26, 2017

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You have bad eye sight in one eye. You are worried that you won't pass your state driving test. You read the law and you only need one eye so i decided to put a prirate patch over my bad eye.
That is my pirate patch story.
by Kuehlstein March 02, 2018

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