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A specific type of castration which involves physical removing of the testicles. Traditionally, pliers are used, but any sort of gripping device works. Testication is known mostly for the way the gripping device is used. Random portions of the scrotum are grabbed with the tool and yanked away with the intent to remove as much flesh as possible. The process repeats until testicles are removed, or the participating parties decide to stop.

A game can be made out of testication with players taking turns with grabbing things. Ideally this should be done blind folded to maintain the true spirit of testication. Points are awarded by the amount of flesh removed and bonus points for testicles removed intact.
1. Frank wouldn't give up the location of the money, so Peter was forced to testicate him.

2. Omar and Perry were bored one night, so they picked up a drifter to testicate him. Perry won when he got both balls removed in his second tug.
by ohshazbot September 17, 2012
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