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rusty metal instrument made with two prongs used regularly for:
removing ticks,
mold from toes,
your father's nose hairs,
your fat aunts way of sneaking in your house,
toenail removal,
and the plucking of facial hair
(generally with the same pair)
dad's in the bathroom with the pliers, how did aunty get in here....?!?
by Girl_In_The_Rain July 20, 2008
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A girl who's fat is mainly disturbed to her thighs/ butt not so much her upper body
Wow Asia is beautiful she's shaped like some pliers
by WowilovelifeitsgreAt May 29, 2018
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Someone who is reliable and needed but also sometimes a tool and a lil ratchet.
That Miski is a plier.
by squishcheese September 02, 2019
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